Summer School 2017
Electronic Structure and Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes
September 3rd - September 9th 2017

Modern research in transition metal chemistry relies extensively on the use of high-level electronic structure theory and advanced spectroscopic methods. The ability to leverage the combination of molecular theory and spectroscopy is essential for driving cutting-edge research in all fields of transition metal science, ranging from inorganic chemistry to biochemistry and from catalysis to energy research. The goal of this summer school is to provide young scientists with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills to incorporate this powerful combination in their own research.

The school is addressed to graduate students, post-doctoral scientists, and senior researchers with either experimental (synthetic/spectroscopic) or theoretical background, who are interested in the deep connections between molecular electronic structure, magnetism, spectroscopy, and reactivity of transition metal complexes. The participants will have the opportunity to obtain knowledge and develop skills in the use of theory and computational chemistry to understand and predict spectroscopic properties of open-shell systems, enriching their view on how modern electronic structure methods are employed in transition metal research.


The summer school will combine lectures by top scientists on theoretical and computational chemistry, ligand field theory, magnetism, and various types of spectroscopy (UV/Vis, IR/Raman, XAS/XES, EPR, MCD, Mössbauer, etc), with practical sessions consisting of tutorials and hands-on computational exercises. The participants will be trained in the use of the ORCA quantum chemistry program.

A variety of optional special interest lectures will be offered to participants interested on advanced topics of spectroscopy, electronic structure theory, and quantum chemistry. A poster session will give the opportunity to discuss current research with the lecturers and other participants of the summer school.


Dimitrios A. Pantazis, Serena DeBeer and Eckhard Bill

Further information on speakers, fees and registration will follow soon.