N.N. - Metallorganische Elektrokatalyse

N. N.
Leiter der Gruppe Metallorganische Elektrokatalyse
Abteilung Molekulare Katalyse

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  • Dr. Basuijt Chatterjee

PhD Studenten

  • Hanna Hinrika Cramer (Gast) (IMPRS)
  • Christina Erken (Gast)
  • Niklas Kinzel
  • Alexander Schmitz


  • Petra Höfer
  • Phillip Reck
  • Julia Zerbe

Research in Organometallic Electrocatalysis

The catalytic transformation of small molecules - such as carbon dioxide - into value-added products is important for chemical synthesis and provides access to the existing infrastructure for storage, transportation, and utilization.

In the Organometallic Electrocatalysis Group, we design electrocatalysts for the sustainable synthesis of carbon-based feedstocks according to the principles of “Green Chemistry”.