Since 2010, the MPI CEC has been participating in the nation-wide event Girls'Day.

The event is a really good opportunity for young girls to get an insight into the work routines of a scientist.
Girls have the chance to work for one day in jobs were female employees are still underrepresented.

For example, the girls can experience working in our laboratories, the glassblowing and other technical workshops or the fine mechanics departments.


Registration for the individual workshops is via the Girls' Day website:
Just click on the radar in the upper right corner, enter our postcode (45470) and search for our institute. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Girls'Day at the MPI CEC

Young girls explore the world of science and technology at the MPI CEC.

Girls' Day at the MPI CEC is always about tying hair together, throwing on lab coats, putting on safety glasses and doing research.

Numerous girls from Mülheim and the surrounding area can get to know the work at our scientific institute in many workshops and thus have the opportunity to get a taste of a scientist's everyday life: creative work, developing new and innovative ideas and thus helping to shape the future. In this way, our employees give the girls a good impression of the supposedly "untypical" professions.