Environmentally friendly aviation fuel and fertilizer without CO2

CEC Director submits EU flagship proposal Energy-X


Energy-X is a newly planned, large-scale project that will address one of the biggest challenges of our time: How can we provide enough energy to a growing world population while reducing our carbon footprint and halting climate change?

The application was submitted as part of the Horizon 2020 programme by MPI CEC Director Prof. Robert Schlögl and Prof. Jens Nørskov, Director of the SUNCAT Center at Stanford University. The MPI CEC will act as a national coordinating body and, for example, host workshops for the second phase of the project and recruit further project partners.

The project will address the question of what technologies are needed to replace fossil resources; that means, Energy-X will produce new science and technologies that enable the efficient conversion of solar energy into chemical form. This requires new catalysts and new conversion approaches. The scientific objectives of the project are the conversion of water, CO2 and basic chemicals. The aim is not only to produce measurable scientific findings, but also to use them directly in two flagship projects: the production of CO2-neutral aviation fuels and the decentralised production of fertilizers without CO2 footprints.

Energy-X is an interdisciplinary project - partners from various scientific fields of research (chemistry, engineering, IT, social sciences) work together with partners from various industrial sectors (chemistry, engineering, IT, mobility, energy supply). Some partners from the Carbon2Chem® network are on board as well. Energy-X thus creates a platform for a future technology for chemical energy conversion at the European level.

Further information on the project can be found here.