Energy Revolution manifest

Max Planck directors Schlögl and Renn write Tagesspiegel article

Prof. Robert Schlögl, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion and Prof. Jürgen Renn, Director of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, wrote an article on "Why we need a radical system change" for the Tagesspiegel supplement "130 years of Urania".

If we do not simply want to wait for the response of biological evolution to this change, which could mean the end of our species in the long term, we need a new global energy turnaround," it says the article. But time is short, because worldwide CO2 emissions are around 35 billion tons per year, and if we continue as before, we will have reached the absolute limit in a maximum of 30 years.

However, there is no simple solution to the problem. Although the idea of using renewable energy instead of fossil fuels is the right way forward, the conversion of the current energy system is only possible through radical political, social and economic changes. It is also important to first of all really understand the current energy system and to know the demands a new system has to meet.

Although the share of renewable energies has risen considerably, the increased demand for energy has not reduced the dependence on fossil fuels. From a technical and political point of view, there is currently a lack of a regulatory structure that would allow energy from conventional sources to be reduced if renewable sources of energy were sufficient for supply. The greatest technical and scientific need for action would be in the field of transport and chemical storage of energy.

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