"Laundry & Home Care Research Award" for Thiemo Faßbach

Henkel honors CEC Postdoc

Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum (right), Head of Global Research and Development in the Laundry & Home Care Division, and Arndt Scheidgen (left), Head of International Product Development in the Laundry & Home Care Division, present the Laundry & Home Care Research Award 2018 to Dr. Thiemo Faßbach. (c) Henkel

Yesterday, Henkel presented the "Laundry & Home Care Research Award 2018", endowed with 3,000 euros, and thus honored excellent research for the ninth time.

This year, Dr. Thiemo Faßbach was honored for his outstanding research on detergent substances, so-called surfactants. Dr. Faßbach is a Postdoc at the MPI CEC in the Department of 'Molecular Catalysis' of Prof. Leitner. In his doctoral thesis "Bio-based Surfactants by Homogeneous Catalysis - Approaches to Process Developemnt" he dealt with the production of new surfactants from renewable raw materials.
Such surfactants are used e.g. in cleaning agents or the like. Thiemo Faßbach has tried to use and recycle the (homogeneous) catalysts as efficiently as possible with regard to technical processes. In this way, he gained groundbreaking insights into new, highly efficient ways of producing surfactants based on natural oils and sugars that can be transferred to industrial scale.

Further information on the award ceremony can be found in Henkel's press release.