Radio interview: Project Energy-X

Prof. Schlögl in an interview with Deutschlandfunk

Prof. Schlögl, Director at MPI CEC, spoke in an interview with Deutschlandfunk about the Energy-X project.

In an interview, Prof. Robert Schlögl, Director of the department 'Heterogeneous Reactions', explained the EU-funded project Energy X.

As already reported in spring 2018, Energy-X aims to develop a strategic "roadmap" for a comprehensive research initiative aimed at the efficient conversion of solar and wind energy into chemical forms. 13 scientific partners from all over Europe are involved in the project, which is also supported by numerous industrial companies.


In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, which was broadcast last week in the category "Forschung aktuell", Prof. Schlögl discusses the opportunities for energy system transformation that Energy-X can make possible.


The interview (in German only) can be listened to on the Deutschlandfunk website.

Link: Audio file of the interview