Again cover for CEC publication

A.J. Vorholt publishes in 'Catalysis Science & Technology'

Dr. Andreas J. Vorholt, head of the 'Multiphase Catalysis' group at the MPI CEC, recently published research results in the journal Catalysis Science & Technology. His publication even made it to the front page and is listed as a "highlighted article".

The highlighted paper deals with the first one-step synthesis of highly branched esters from natural resources. Myrcene is a natural waste product from the paper industry, from the processing of conifers. This resource is converted by the newly discovered catalysis to lubricants for motors or white goods. The cover indicates that only one catalyst is give the "green light" for the conversion of the new products.

Vogelsang, D., Dittmar, M., Seidensticker, T., Vorholt, A.J. (2018). Palladium-catalysed carboxytelomerisation of β-myrcene to highly branched C21-esters Catalysis Science & Technology 8, 4332 4337