Federal Government appoints Prof. Robert Schlögl to the National Hydrogen Council

Governance structure of the National Hydrogen Strategy announced

Prof. Schlögl becomes member of the National Hydrogen Council

Governance structure of the National Hydrogen Strategy. Source: brochure: "Die Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie" © BMWi 2020

After the German government presented the new hydrogen strategy last week, the governance structure, which was set up to monitor and further develop the strategy, was also announced. Part of the structure is the National Hydrogen Council (Nationaler Wasserstoffrat), which is made up of 26 high-ranking experts from industry, science and civil society and is intended to advise and support the State Secretary Committee of the Federal Government with proposals and recommendations for action in the implementation and further development of the hydrogen strategy.

Prof. Schlögl, managing director at the MPI CEC, was appointed vice chair of the National Hydrogen Council and will thus advise the Federal Government on the subject of hydrogen in the future.

The Federal Cabinet has approved the proposal for the composition of the National Hydrogen Council and thus also the appointment of Prof. Schlögl to this committee. This means that the Hydrogen Council, which is extremely important for the successful implementation of the ambitious National Hydrogen Strategy, will soon be able to start its work.

Schlögl sees great potential in hydrogen, which can become a key element between the sectors.


Brochure: The National Hydrogen Strategy (BMWi)

Press release of the Federal Government: „Globale Führungsrolle bei Wasserstofftechnologien sichern: Bundesregierung verabschiedet Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie und beruft Nationalen Wasserstoffrat“ (10.06.2020)