Announcement: Prof. Leitner gives lecture during Casey Inorganic Lectures Series

University of Wisconsin invites CEC-director

Prof. Walter Leitner has been invited by the Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin and is going to hold 2 lectures during the Casey Inorganic Lectures Series on the 11th and 12th of April. Prof. Leitner will use this opportunity to present two research topics, being a focus of his group: "Carbon Dioxide as Raw Material: Challenges and Opportunities for Catalysis at the Interface of the Energy and Chemistry Sectors" and "Advanced Fluids for Preparation and Application of Catalytically Active Nanoparticles".

The Casey Inorganic Lecture Series has been started by Prof. Charles P. Casey (University of Wisconsin) who is distinguished organometallic chemist, former President of the American Chemical Society and currently the Homer B. Adkins Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This lectures series is a forum bringing together not only scientist but also students to learn and discuss topics in both inorganic and organometallic reactions in order to develop an understanding of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.