Under the patronage of Prof. Frank Neese, the Max Planck Institutes in Mülheim together with Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz organize a Summer School on "Modern Wavefunction Methods in Electronic Structure Theory". The Summer School - which takes place every two years - offers highly motivated Ph.D. students and postdocs the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of ab initio electronic structure theory.

MWM 2018

In 2018 the next Summer School "Modern Wavefunction Methods in Electronic Structure Theory" will take place. The registration will be activated from mid-February. Information about the next summer school can be found on the MWM 2018 Website.

MWM 2016

In late summer 2016 the first "Modern Wavefunction Methods in Electronic Strucutre Theory" school took place. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Walter Thiel, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research.