JEOL-Prize for MPI CEC coworker

Jason Sidabras wins Jeol Prize Talk Competition

Jason Sidabras (2nd f.r.) with the other four final contestants. (Source:

The Jeol Prize Talk Competition is held yearly at the international meeting of the ESR Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry. It is open to PhD students and to postdoctoral researchers in their first year of work, who can submit an abstract of their work. A jury choses the best young scientists to give a talk. The ESR Group Committee judges those lectures on the basis of both the scientific content and the quality of presentation. This year was again extremely competitive with many exceptional applicants and five outstanding final candidates.

This year's JEOL Prize for the best presentation was awarded to Jason Sidabars for his talk about “Planar Micro-Resonators and Micro-Helix Geometries for Studying Protein Single Crystals with X-band EPR.“

Jason Sidabras is a research engineer at the MPI CEC and as the winner was announced at the conference dinner and presented with a monetary prize and an engraved medal.

The JEOL Prize competition for young scientists was initiated at the ESR Group Meeting at Lancaster University in 1997 and has reached significant popularity and prestige over the past years.

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