Doctoral students / Post-docs

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The MPI CEC welcomes applications at any time from qualified young researchers wanting to work on their doctoral thesis.

At the MPI CEC you will find a highly international research environment where research is performed at the highest level both in terms of equipment and intellectual resources. In addition, the MPI CEC is involved in a large number of international partnerships and national as well as international research programs in which motivated doctoral students can participate.

Apart from state-of-the-art scientific measuring equipment and excellently trained technical personnel to support its experimental and theoretical work, the MPI CEC also offers an excellent supervision structure, which guarantees the intensive supervision of doctoral students in all phases of their doctoral studies. The institute's departments offer accompanying seminars at an advanced level in which you can deepen and expand your expertise in the fields relevant to you and beyond the usual university curriculum. The basis for a successful application is a completed university study program (Diploma or Masters) in a natural science discipline. It is expected that applicants display a high degree of independence, creativity, dedication, international orientation and team ability. Work at the MPI CEC is highly interdisciplinary. Although the focus of the research projects lies in the area of chemistry, applications from scientists with a background in experimental or theoretical physics as well as biology and biochemistry are equally welcome.

Since the Max Planck Society itself does not confer any doctorates, you technically undertake your doctoral studies at one of the universities in the vicinity at which your supervisor has the right to confer a doctorate. Your doctoral thesis is however undertaken at the MPI CEC.

Possible topics for your doctoral thesis are dependent on the research priorities in the departments. At present, doctoral topics are being allocated in the areas of Molecular and Solid State Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Spectroscopy as well as Theoretical Chemistry.

Currently open positions for doctoral students and post docs can be found here.


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