Research at MPI CEC

Groups-Inorganic Spectroscopy

Dr. James Birrell
Energy Converting Enzymes

Dr. Ragnar Björnsson
Computational Chemistry

Dr. Laure Decamps
Biochemistry of Metalloproteins

Dr. Sergey Peredkov
X-ray Spectroscopy Instrumentation

Dr. Christina Römelt
Chemical Synthesis

Dr. Olaf Rüdiger
Proteins on electrodes

Dr. Thomas Weyhermüller
Chemical Synthesis, X-ray structure analysis

Groups-Molecular Catalysis

Dr. Alexis Bordet
Multifunctional Catalytic Systems

N. N.
Organometallic Electrocatalysis

PD Dr. Andreas Vorholt
Multiphase Catalysis

Groups-Heterogeneous Reactions

Dr. Mark Greiner
Surface Structure Analysis

Dr. Saskia Heumann
Carbon Synthesis and Application

Dr. Axel Knop-Gericke
Electronic Structure (@Fritz Haber Institute of the MPG)

Dr. Anna Mechler

Dr. Holger Ruland
Catalytic Technology