"Technikum" in Duisburg to be launched

Next turn for Carbon2Chem

The aim of Carbon2Chem® is to capture greenhouse gases from steel mills and convert them into raw materials for the chemical industry.
The project was launched in 2016 by the MPI CEC together with thyssenkrupp, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and many other partners.

On September 20th, a pilot plant in Duisburg is launched. Gases from stell mills will be converted into recyclable materials under real conditions for the first time - e.g. into basics for fertilizers, fuels and plastics such as ammonia, methanol or ethanol.
The Federal Ministry of Education and Research published further information on the event in it's recent press release.

The media also covered the topic:

The journal VDI-Nachrichten recently published several articles on the project. Deutschlandfunk and Quarks (WDR 5) a well as Lokalzeit Ruhr also broadcasted a report on Carbon2Chem.