Apprenticeship at the MPI CEC!

Shape your future – With an apprenticeship at the MPI CEC!

Young people enjoy excellent training at the MPI CEC. For our outstanding training program, we were awarded the Apprenticeship Prize by the Max Planck Society.

Our strength: The highest standard of training and instructors who are totally committed to education and practical training. Competence, expertise and dedication are the foundation of your top-class apprenticeship.

Are you motivated and do you want to take your future career into your own hands? Are you dedicated and a team player? Do you like thinking outside the box? These are perfect qualifications for becoming part of our team of apprentices.

Shape your future with an apprenticeship at the MPI for Chemical Energy Conversion.


Patricia Malkowski
Head of Training

phone: +49 (0)208 306 3640

Apprenticeship positions

Our institute offers different apprenticeship positions:

  • Laboratory Chemist and Physicist
  • Electronics technicians for energy and building technology
  • Electronics technicians for devices and systems
  • Industrial mechanic
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • Office Management Assistant