The MPI CEC as an employer

The Max Planck Society is one of Europe's leading basic research organizations. In its research laboratories, workshops, libraries, and administration, scientists and researchers perform demanding tasks with a high degree of autonomy and creativity.
Around 21,000 members of staff conduct research and work at 40 locations in Germany, as well as in Rome, Florence, Nijmegen and Florida. Indeed, Max Planck Institutes are looked on as innovative and internationally active employers. Max Planck scientists cooperate with partners in around 120 countries worldwide. Here they relate their personal experiences and impressions.
Research at a Max Planck Institute means: Live and realize visions.

Our vision: We will change the energy sector

To achieve our aim we count on the power unit of our research work - our employees. They guarantee excellent research results that leave a lasting impression.

Long-term employee concepts and diversity are one of our major concerns. Therefore, we place special value on integrating staff of all age groups in our teamwork. We think that respect, responsibility and sincerity are essential for a motivating work climate.
Let's change the future of the energy sector together!

Research and Work at the MPI CEC

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  • Notice to Fellowship Holders and Grantees Health insurance, accident insurance and third-party liability insurance regulations. PDF
  • FAQ - 60 Questions and Answers to and from the MPS Link

Open vacancies

If you would like to work in a dynamic and international team, and can identify with our values, you are most welcome to apply for one of our vacancies. We look forward to receiving your application.

Career and Family

Compatibility of Science and Family

It is not unusual for the demands of professional life to conflict with those of home life. Therefore, the Max Planck Institute offers extensive support to help you strike a balance between the two.

The MPS works with the service company "pme Familienservice", which can provide advice and arrange care for children and the elderly. The MPS is flexible in how you arrange your working hours.

The Max Planck Society is the only German scientific organization that qualifies for the non-profit-making PLC "work and family" certificate, which acknowledges its family-oriented personnel policy.(

Equal Opportunities

Reconciling the demands of family and work is also an issue involving equal opportunities. Offering men and women a level playing field can, on occasion, mean promoting the existing talents, particularly of young female scientists. We bear in mind personal circumstances that affect our employees and their partners as a whole, and make every effort within the restrictions of public funding law to put together individual packages of measures.